Dumbbells and Diapers

Hello there! My name is Bethany. I am a mother. A certified personal trainer, a fitness fanatic, and Apple addict. I had my daughter in September of 2011 and was back to working out a month after having her. I understand working, being a full time mother, exercising every day, and eating healthy for both myself and my family. Click on the About Me page to learn more!
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Well hello fellow readers!  Now that my life has taken quite a few dramatic turns, I vow to write more often as soon as I can.  :)

A few not-so-recent and recent developments in my life:

  • Divorce.  I will write a post on this someday - I know some of you may be interested.  It was for the best and we both have our daughter’s best interests in mind!  Always.
  • I decided to shift my career as a personal trainer to working from home for a well known company.  It may or may not come up in future posts.  We shall see!  Again - the decision was made in the best interest of my daughter and myself!  However, being a trainer is a time in my life that I enjoyed immensely because of my clients and have built long-lasting relationships.  I plan to continue my knowledge and certifications.


  • I found someone that makes me feel loved like I never have before and I love him like no one I ever have before.  There will be future posts on that I am sure.  We are each other’s opposite, similarity, other half, interrogator, instigator, biggest support, and forever.  Cheesy, I know.


  • Moving.  I dislike moving, but it is inevitable right?  I am still in Kansas, never fear Toto, Dorothy will not leave Kansas.
  • Finding a curriculum-built daycare/prep-school for my daughter to attend once a week.  I will post about this in the future if you are interested!

If you are wondering if I have held strong in my healthy ways and my answer to you is: yes, of course.  Working out daily and trying to make healthy decisions are a way of life for myself and always will be.  I am also addicted to lifting weights and have spent the last year lifting like a body builder in the gym.


My plan is now to add more cardio into my plan but continue to lift.  I love being strong and I love having muscles - especially the booty and hamstrings I have built in the last year.  ;)  However, 12 of my jeans and my several of my ‘small’ shorts do not fit anymore.


My daughter will be 3 in September and she is growing like a weed.  We just went to her 3 year wellness check-up and she weights 30 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall!  Judging by her lack of singing ability, love for DocMcstuffins, and attention to the doctor during her visit;  I believe she will be a doctor when she ‘grows up’.  Yeah, I did that thing that parents do.  I did it.


She oftentimes watches me workout and sometimes serves as my barbell.  Check these out here and here.

I look forward to updating you more often and will answer all of the questions and comments that I have received soon!

Just remember - when life throws something heavy at you - pick it up and launch is twice as far in the direction of promise.